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Senior Pet Month!

This is the month we  honor our senior pets! They have been with some of us us for 10,15 and even 18 years and we respect them for all the love they have given us,the experiences they have shared with us good and bad. Senior pets teach us about life and give us a preview of our senior years. If you haven't considered that your pet is aging and experiencing many age related changes let us highlight some very common occurance in your pet's body.Senior pets should be examined at least TWICE each year. We recommend examinations every 6 months because our pets age so much quicker than we do. Your  10 year old  dog that is <20 lbs is equal to a 56 year old person. But a dog that is 10 years old and weighs >90 lbs is actually equivalent to a 90 yr old person! Our older cats are aging slower than dogs and at 15 years old they are equivalent in years to a 76 year old person! Now for us, we may be moving a little slower and complaining of joint pain. Our pets have joint pain as well but as we know they live to please us and do not indicate that their joints hurt as they age. Clinically our pets do hurt  and do not show signs of pain ( such as walking slower, slow to rise,decreased appetite) until it is chronic and debilitating. We have many therapeutic plans for your senior pet  which are very manageable. One of the most significant things you can do for your pet is to maintain their ideal body weight, regular exercise and proper nutrition. We would be glad to discuss your pet's needs during a courtesy consultation at our clinic.

Dr J Sherrod