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APRIL is Heartworm Awareness Month!

For every 12 month purchase of Heartworm Preventative we will offer a FREE Heartworm test! We are very strong promotors of heartworm preventative, even for cats! It is the one thing you can do to prolong your pet's life free of heart failure and heartworms that cause it. It is very sad to diagnose heartworms in pets because we know that it can be prevented with a once per month chew of Heatgard or others such as Sentinel, Interceptor or Trifexis. These are all very good products and their manufacturers stand behind them 100 %. Please call us to answer any questions you may have regarding heartworms. Many people try to skip the winter months and not keep their pets on preventative. However, with our fluctuant weather in the winters here in the south there is no guarantee that mosquitoes will not be present during this time. Please don't take the chance of your pet not being protected from that one mosquito that could be transmitting heartworms to your pet. Keep them covered all year long. We have lost some very precious pets to heartworms that were not healthy enough for treatment.