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Spring Allergies

Spring is almost here ! I know spring is coming because many of our pets are itchy and are starting to scratch,scoot and shake their heads. What do I mean? Allergies for your pets are not the same as allergies in us. There is more than just sneezing when pets are allergic to the new blooms of the season. We can see allergies in pets secondary to blooming flowers, cut grass as well as foods that they eat any time of year.We are here to help. We don't want your pet to suffer needlessly with allergic skin conditions. 

Did you know that we have allergy tests available for your cat or dog? Yes, not only we can find out what your pet is allergic to, we can provide hyposensitization shots, "allergy shots", to allow your pet to eventually handle the allergy without scratching , biting , licking itself throughout each allergy season! This is a much better and safer option than prednisone (steroid shots) to control and treat your pet's allergic skin condition. Being itchy all the time can also affect your pet's temperament. Your even tempered pet could become grumpy simply because they are bothered with itchy skin conditions that are not controlled. That chronic ear infection could be secondary to allergies. Let us help you to help your pet. Look at the chart below and see if the behavior matches your pet's If your pet is experiencing these things, call us today and allow us to give you 15% off an allergy test and make your pet more comfortable and inform you of exactly why your pet is so itchy every year at this time! Without an allergy test we can only guess what's bothering them.