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Pet DNA Testing

Discover Your
Pet’s DNA Secrets

Pet DNA Testing

Discover Your
Pet’s DNA Secrets

Discovering more about your pet’s DNA isn’t just an exciting adventure; it’s a crucial step in ensuring their long-term health and happiness. At Just For Pets Animal Clinic, we offer cutting-edge pet DNA testing services that provide insights into your pet’s breed, personality, behavior, and medical predispositions.

Have you ever wondered about the ancestry of your mixed-breed pet or their inherited traits? Pet DNA testing can provide answers and enrich your understanding of your furry family member. Understanding their genetic makeup can reveal their unique characteristics and quirks, helping you better understand your pet’s needs and strengthen your bond.

about our clinic –
Big Island pet care center

Dr. Grune, a visionary in the field of veterinary medicine, founded our clinic in 1990. Opening his own practice was the realization of his lifelong dream—to deliver the highest level of care to animals in need.

Through his clinic, Dr. Grune has surpassed his expectations and provided comprehensive and compassionate care for dogs and cats throughout Hawaii. We prioritize client education and have created a comfortable space where pets and parents feel at ease.

Our lovely clinic is located within a retrofitted house. It exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere. The open-air lanai serves as our waiting room, and the surrounding landscaped grounds provide a serene environment to promote relaxation for your pet.

Our hands-on approach ensures that your furry friends receive personalized attention and care. We genuinely strive for the best for your pet and aim to build lasting relationships with both pets and their devoted owners. Our dedicated veterinarians and staff are here to meet all your pet healthcare needs.

What You Can Discover

  • Breed Identification: DNA testing can accurately determine your pet's breed composition, even if they're a mix of various breeds.
  • Health Insights: One of the most significant advantages of pet DNA testing is the ability to identify potential health predispositions. Understanding your pet's genetic health risks allows you and your veterinarian to develop a proactive healthcare plan.
  • Tailored Care: Using your pet’s DNA results, we can provide a more tailored and holistic approach to your pet's overall well-being. Whether it's adjusting their diet or exercise routine, this knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions for your pet's well-being.
How is a pet DNA sample collected?

Most tests require a simple cheek swab or saliva sample.

How long do results take?

Turnaround times vary but generally take 3 to 8 weeks.

Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement for the test?

Tests are suitable for pets of any age.

Informative Pet DNA Testing

At Just For Pets Animal Clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you provide the best possible care for your furry friend. Our pet DNA testing services combine the fun of discovery with the practicality of ensuring your pet’s health and happiness. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Contact us today to schedule a pet DNA test and unlock the secrets hidden within your pet’s genes.