We provide surgery for cats, dogs and rabbits. Our surgical procedures include ovariohysterectomy (spay), castration (neuter) of dogs, cats and rabbits. We also provide soft tissue surgery for tumor removal, laceration repair, bladder stone removal, etc.

All patients will be given a pre-operative examination. We offer pre-anesthetic bloodwork (complete blood count and serum chemistry profile). On most procedures this is not optional to ensure the best outcome and health of our patients.Your pet will be monitored using an electrocardiogram, total CO2 levels, respiration rate as well as cardiac rate and rythmn,blood pressure levels and temperature monitoring.

All patients are given pain control as needed. All procedures that would be considered painful to us as humans will be treated as painful to our patients. An estimate is presented for all clients before procedures are considered.We also use the Bair Hugger warmer unit to provide warmed air blankets to keep our patients’ body temperature from falling during surgery and anesthesia. Our patients will recover and stay with us until the afternoon when they are able to walk out the front door.